5 reasons why you should try to use audiobooks

5 reasons why you should try to use audio books

It took me 26 years to find out that using audiobooks may incredibly increase productivity of my daily routine. Till the moment I listen my first audio book, I had read a lot. Reading books is one of my favorite ways of spending free time. The reason I could not read as much as I want is that days have only 24 hours and I have many activities in my life, but audiobooks changed my mind. You can find a time if you use it properly. There are 5 reasons why you also should try to use audiobooks.

  1. Efficient

If you travel a lot, as I do, you can notice, that much time is wasted. It is easy to calculate how much time you spend until you reach your workplace every day, wgile driving a car or using a public transportation, just sitting or being mad about things that you can not change, like traffic jam or bad drivers. You will see that during a day you could easily find 1+ hour, which could be used for audiobooks. That means 7+ hours a weak, 210+ a month, 2520+ a year. Can you imagine how many audiobooks could you listen and improve your life?

  1. Motivation

Every day you make decisions and there are many possibilities to change your life or do more useful things in your routine. Sometimes, all you need is just a right people to motivate you, but this task may be done by audiobooks. There are many successful people who share their insights and help others to find their true passion. You can find many audiobooks recommended by professionals, who have already achieved success in their life.

  1. No preparation

When you want to read a book, you have to find a place without any distraction. If you have kids, many times it is impossible to find this place in your home after work. While driving a car, it is also impossible to read a book, but situation may be changed with audiobooks. You do not have to find a perfect place to listen tracks, because you can use headphones and have free hands while driving. You can imagine a lot of traditional places where you couldn’t be able to read a book, but be able to use headphones: driving a car, running, while using a public transport, at gym and many other places.

  1. Easy access

It is not easy to get a book very fast, if you do not have it in your library, but here are many audio books that you can get with a few clicks. Yes, you also can download an e-book, but why it is not a best choice, you will see next…

  1. More comfortable

Many people agree with me, that reading an e-book in your computer or other device may be more frustrating thing than traditional books, because of your eyes. While using audio books, you even can close your eyes and imagine every word that author wanted to express.

If you want to change your life, you have to do things, that you have never done before.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Audiobooks are very good way to start doing something differently, definitely it can change your minds. If you want to try it for free, start your journey from free trials and than if you like it, and I guarantee that you love it, continue your membership. I would recommend you to try audible.com. With audible.com you will get 2 free audiobooks and after 30 days free trial, you will get an audiobook for $14.95/month, which you can use for listening  professionals recommended audiobooks.